Michael Worobec

Michael wanted to be able to create high quality digital prints from his paintings and needed them to be photographed at very high resolution. By using a specialised setup to ensure even lighting and accurate camera positioning I am able to create ultra-high resolution images which allow high quality digital reproduction at almost any size. As always with my work, I pay close attention to colour accuracy and calibrate my setup for every shoot.

The images below show the full paintings 'Amore' and 'Grenade Head III' along with two 1:1 detail crops taken from each which demonstrate the level of detail recorded. Both of the works below were photographed at a target resolution of 600 pixels per inch which allows for significant enlargement via digital printing. This service is great for painters and fine artists as it can facilitate the generation of a secondary revenue stream from works already in their portfolios. It is also a great way of cataloguing works when they are sold and will be leaving for new homes.

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